Avocados Can Save Your Diet – July 2015

Avocados can save your diet.

Before I began eating them on a daily basis it was very difficult to stick to a restricted calorie plan for any significant length of time. Avocados help. The ain’t ice cream, but I like the taste, I like the texture and I like what they do for your body.

Bodybuilding Nutrition Now by Skip Lacour is where I first read about avocados in the context of bodybuilding. Most of the meals he recommends are salad and chicken. Not much of a surprise. Not too interesting.  That’s what you would expect on a diet used by a bodybuilder preparing for a contest.  However, what is interesting about the diet is his use of fats. By adding some avocado to his salads he was able to stimulate additional fat loss and break through a plateau.

I leave it to the reader to follow up on the nutritional aspects of avocado. I did some reading and found all sorts of information regarding carotenoids, heart health, monounsaturated fats and insulin. Good luck sorting through it all. To me, it is irrelevant. As an unprocessed food that tastes good it meets my requirements for adding to my meal plans.

The biggest problem I have with avocados is getting them when they are ripe. If you are planning on making a batch of guacamole you may have to buy them a few days in advance. The reason is that they have to be ripe. A firm avocado is not ready to eat. After it passes the squeeze test it will keep for a while in your refrigerator. Ripe avocados at room temperature will not last long.

Try making a batch of this black bean salad and leave it in the fridge for a few days.

Another tip I found – try them frozen. Check out this article and just ignore the part about chocolate pudding and chocolate chip cookies, at least until your cheat day!

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