Bodybuilding Meal Prep Videos

Bodybuilding Meal Preparation

I’m not one for the mainstream or the popular approach to bodybuilding.  That goes for the majority of material available on the internet in general and YouTube in particular.  However, nutrition is one subject where it pays to see what other people do.

This week I’m interested in meal planning.  One of the major reasons for diet failure is poor planning.  Without a supply of readily available, healthy food that tastes good you are screwed.

Here are a few videos that I found helpful:

  • How to Prepare Meals for Bodybuilding by Hahnchampion

  • Bodybuilding Food Preparation by Matty Fusaro
  • Bodybuilding Lunch For The Whole Week by Brosisfitness Emma and James

  •  Weekly Meal Prep Example by Barthelfitness

    The approaches might differ slightly but the basic ideas are the same:

    Batch the task.  By doing all of the prep for the week at one time you will save time later.  In other words, cooking every day for four days takes a lot longer than cooking one day for the next four.

    Planning your meals avoids decision fatigue.  Humans can only make so many decisions in a day.  Decide today what you want to eat this week and set up your food groups.  It goes protein, vegetable, starch.  Not complicated and all decided in advance.

    Use spices, not condiments.  Condiments add calories.

    A few of these videos show food scales, poultry shears, etc.  If you have this stuff, great.  Those tools are helpful, not essential.  Do the best you can with the tools you have.

    For example, let’s say I buy a 4 lb package of chicken cutlets.  I know how many ounces I want to eat in one meal (4 oz) and one day (12 oz).  Armed with that knowledge, I know how to divide the chicken after its cooked.  Since I figure it loses at least 25% of its weight in the cooking, 4 lbs is 4 days of meals for me.  Split it into four equal portions.  Eyeball it.  Minor fluctuations are not a big deal.

    The same goes for rice.  I want 1/4 cup per day.  If I cook a full cup I have 4 days worth of rice.

    By the way, I do not own a rice cooker.  I’m sure it works better than the old “pot on the stove” method but the later works fine.

    As far as shears go, I don’t own those either.  I use a knife.  It might take a bit longer but who cares.  The end result is what matters.

    Follow up:

    This meal tastes very good and keeps well in the fridge and freezes well.  I am very happy with the early returns.

    Mid week cooking will prove a bit more challenging.  I may have to cut corners and roast the cutlets without cutting them up first.

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