Definitions and Term

Compound movement – a movement involving multiple muscle groups, often characterized by the movement of more than one joint.  For example:

  • Squats and deadlifts affect the quads and back.  They involve movement of the hips and knees.
  • Bench press and military press affect the chest, shoulders and triceps.  They involve the elbows and shoulders.

Isolation movement – a movement affecting only one muscle group.  They involve the movement of only one joint.  For example:

  • Leg extensions affect the quads and involve the movement of the knees only.
  • Dumbell flyes affect the chest and involve the movement of the shoulders only.

Undulating Periodization – a method of alternating rep ranges every three weeks.  For example – 3 weeks at 5 reps, 3 weeks at 10 reps, 3 weeks at 15 reps, 3 weeks at 8 reps, etc.