It Time For A Warm Up Routine – July 2015

The third rep!

Put the weight down.

I’ve felt that pain before, but now I’m old enough to know that its a bad idea to try to fight through a muscle strain. This wasn’t even a work set. It was during warm-ups. At least its what I refer to as warm-ups which is a few light sets prior to the work sets.

I train first thing in the morning on otherwise cold muscles. Since I had never having taken much interest in the subject of warming up properly, I decided to do a bit of research and came up with these resources for developing a warm up routine:

  1. Warming Up or How to Replace Your Autonomic Nervous System by Rob Wagner   I like this one a lot. Wager gives some very specific recommendations. Of particular interest is the discussion of mobility drills.
  2. A Stretch Routine That’s Actually Doable by Dean Somerset  The recommendations are similar to those of Wager, but include some foam rolling before the mobility and warmup stuff.
  3. 9 Fun And Effective Ways To Warm Up by by C.J. Sower. A good resource with opinions from a few different trainers.
  4. Bulletproof Your Body: The Ultimate Warm-Up or The Ultimate Warmup for Lifting Heavy both by Anthony J. Yeung. Similar recommendations to those above. Like Somerset, Yeung also recommends the foam roller. I may have to invest in one.
  5. The Best Dynamic Warmup for Any Workout by Mark Barroso.  Another good full body warm up with a list of dynamic warm up exercises.

A summary of the actual routine is available here.

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