January 2016

Say Hello To January.

Its the start of a new year and I’m here in a place that so many of us can relate to.  Hung over from the holiday eating binge and left with a lot of work to do.

Have you ever been there?  Not completely out of shape, but far from where you was six months ago?  From November through New Year’s I tend to slack off.  It starts with Thanksgiving and then just  continues with all the parties over the next six weeks.  I had a great time but now there’s a price to pay.

Enough Is Enough.

Now its time to get motivated and  get back in shape.  Actually, motivation is the easy part.  There are so many thing that I’m excited to try this year.  The hard part is narrowing it down.  The strategy is one thing at a time.  Build some momentum and keep trying the little experiments.

The Start and The Finish

I started the month weighing in at 170.2lbs and 14.2% body fat.  That’s pretty big for me.

I ended the month at 164.2 lbs and 12.7% body fat.  In other words, I dropped six pounds a bit more than half of it fat.

That’s a pretty good result.  January was a success.

The Goals

  • Establish a daily calories needed for maintenance
  • Drop my body fat percentage
  • Work on my bench press

Mission accomplished on all three.

The January Plan

  • Average daily calories – 2,350
  • Macro nutrient breakdown – 40% breakdown, 30% carbs, 30% protein
  • Supplements – none
  • Training – twice weekly strength training, no aerobic training

The Experiment

The January experiment was to employ some of the cold tactics described by Tim Ferris in The Four Hour Body.  Specifically, I drank lots of ice water and took cold showers every day of the month.

The cold tactic works.

Some of the stuff I’ve read on the subject says that cold showers can actually boost your immune system.  I came down with a cold before starting the program.  It was gone a few days into the routine.

The Results

My body weight leveled off at the end of the month at 164.2 lbs.  I am confident saying that 2,350 calories is my maintenance level for this body weight.

No strength gains to report.  This was month one of a three month cycle.  All planned exercises / weights / reps / tul were achieved with the exception of one workout skipped due to the after effects of snow shoveling.  I chose recovery over training.

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