missing your numbers

Missing Your Numbers

Did you miss your numbers today?

I did. I missed on the bench. That’s nothing new. Bench has always been the most challenging exercise for me. Over the years I’ve missed on the bench more times than I can count.

What’s interesting is that in the same workout I hit my planned numbers for everything else.  So why is failure the first thing that comes to mind when I think back on what I did this morning?  Because everyone else does the same thing.  We all do.  We’re wired to see what’s wrong, not what’s right.  The stuff we do right is just not that interesting to us.  It’s the stuff we got wrong that’s the problem.

Maybe that’s the right way to look at weightlifting.  If you never failed on an exercise why would you be motivated to go back to the gym?  You would have nothing to prove.  You would never know the satisfaction and feeling of accomplishment that come from striving and achieving after struggle and failure and trying again.

On Tuesday I will try again.   And again on Thursday.  And on and on and on.

photo credit: Bench-Pressing Snowman via photopin (license)


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