Stop getting ready, start doing something

Spending Money Is Less Painful Than Action

The result of action could be failure and failure is painful.  Think about it.  If you actually did something it might not work out.  You might even end up looking stupid.  So its easier to buy a book or watch a seminar or buy some strange piece of equipment or even join a gym.  To do those things you have to part with some hard earned cash and that can feel painful.  It can even fool you into thinking that you did something.

But you didn’t.  Not really.

Skills have to be learned, but they also have to be applied.  No one makes progress in the weight room or in relationships or in your career without standing up and trying. Progress IS NOT continually investing and analyzing and tweeking.  Progress is moving forward and demonstrating to yourself that you are better today than you were yesterday.

So here’s the challenge:

Ignore all advice and opinions until you put something new into action.  Try what you learned yesterday before learning something new today.

How do you do that? By doing better today than you did yesterday. That’s it. Not by buying a course or a service or a product or listening to a podcast or continually changing your exercise form, number or reps, choice of exercises, etc.

Do better today than you did yesterday!

Or even do worse than you did yesterday.

Just do something.


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