paradox of choice

The Paradox of Choice

There are not that many variables.

  • Frequency
  • Exercises
  • Sets
  • Reps

Those are the big ones.  We can get into some more obscure issues like rest between sets, but if you want to build muscle or lose fat or just stay in shape those are the four big variables.

The biggest secret about training is that those four variables are very difficult to screw up.  There are tons of good information out there.  Many great prorams just waiting for you to try.  Although the possible combinations are endless, results will differ only slightly from approach to approach.  Just pick one and go.

The paradox of choice refers to the idea that endless possibilities are a problem.
“Paralysis by Analysis” is another way to look at it  When presented with too many choices most people get confused and just want someone to answer the questions for them.  But you don’t really need anyone to answer those questions. You have to answer the right questions for yourself.

The right questions are not about sets and reps.  They are about circumstances and desire:

How much time do you have to work out each week and each day?

How much time do you want to devote to working out each week and each day?

Circumstances and desire.

Circumstances limit your choices.  Desire makes the decision.  Rest and nutrition have more to do with your success or lack there of.  You will spend far more time sleeping and eating than you will in the gym.

So figure out what fits your schedule and what you can get excited about and go with it.

Happy lifting!

photo credit: big box via photopin (license)

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